Republic Dutch – Customization, to your taste!

Designed by you, Republic cares for a 100% unique and handmade bike from Utrecht.
Especially for you!
Republic Dutch recognizes watt taste and together with your create we have also best-of-your-quality-cycling-cycling your body-cycling (Bodyfit®) and physique (Bodyfit®).
Now with our new custom configurator it is also possible to design and order the bike 100% online without having to shop, within 6 to 8 weeks at home!
Now go to the snails with the configurator to make your dream bike come true from come along in our Atelier at the Oudegracht 204 in Utrecht.

These bikes are very popular and 100% unique, so ‘you snooze you lose’.

With the configurator it is possible to put your own bike to the finest points of the i, all to your taste and thus 100% unique. Every bike is also possible to make (almost invisible) electric, try it now!

The sentence we invite you to replace: Once a month Amin has time to create a bike based on your wishes and needs, make an appointment quickly so that we can offer you an exclusive design.

Republic Dutch | Amin Mayahi

Dutch Design & Handmade

For the past 8 years, Amin Mayahi has been designing and assembling bikes with great passion at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. From frame to bolt and equipped with digital comfort; everything is designed and made by hand, especially for you.
“As an industrial designer, I have decided to combine my knowledge and expertise gained in the cycling world with my passion for design.

I think everyone deserves to see his personality reflected in beautiful and high-quality products. I strive to translate this together with customers to a Republic Dutch bicycle. ”
If you go for a bicycle from Republic Dutch then you are assured of a unique copy with all the additional benefits. You go out the door with the guarantee that no one in the world drives the same one and that it radiates your personality.

Eye for detail

A bicycle from Republic Dutch is not just a bicycle. Every detail is thought of. We take the time together with you to put all your wishes on paper or you pass them on to us online.
Handy to keep the goal in mind, are you going to use it for touring bikes or in the city? Do you want gears or Single Speed? Handy with a basket in front or with a wine bottle holder?
Everything passes by in any case when we meet you in our atelier.
But we look further than that. With our bike fitting (Bodyfit®) we examine exactly how your body is and feels comfortable in terms of posture. The bike is completely tailor-made.
And there is a lot of attention for your taste and lifestyle (Lifestylefit®). You can choose from no fewer than 10 frames, 80 colors and countless premium components. These can all be used in the configurator.
If you can dream it, we can build it! Together!

Nothing is more important than a proud customer.

We go to the limit for you and do that extra step more, to achieve perfection for you. The parts we work with are all from Premium Brands (like?) And chosen for their durability and quality. It is not without reason that we dare to give a 15-year guarantee (on the entire bicycle or on parts?)

We now have more than 8000 satisfied customers spread over 51 countries in the world, each driving on a unique bike manufactured in the Netherlands.
Every person is unique, so show the world who you are! We very much like to contribute something beautiful to this. Became curious? Meet us in the studio at the Oudegracht in Utrecht. We will inspire and amaze you with our custom made bikes. Guaranteed.

Born in Utrecht

Exclusive Dutch design


It's all in the details

15 year guarantee

Built to last

Premium quality

Only the best parts

100% unique

There is no bike like yours