Dutch E-type

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With a Zehus Human + rear hub you can forget a big battery, searching for a charging-station and biking on a decent looking model. Republic Dutch makes it possible to ride an E-bike with style! A Republic Dutch Bicycle is always unique. It’s 100% custom-made! And from now on you can also design your own e-bike version. The beauty of the engine is that it is almost unrecognizable. It is mounted in the rear wheel and is available in various versions to suit the design of the bicycle of your choice.


Your body is also a charger, so a battery is unnecessary. If you want to track your own efforts, you can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone to keep track of your results. And as an extra feature it is even possible to lock the bike from a distance!

Custom made for you from €2500,00

Is it love at first sight? Take a look at our Limited Editions and maybe there is a E-bike available. Pick your size and the color you like. Your choice will be waiting for you within 3 days.

Start designing your own E-bike and dreams do come true. With our configurator you will make the first steps to a 100% unique bicycle. The possibilities are endless!

Want to ride a E-bike Exclusive? Completely designed and handmade by Amin? We gladly invite you to our designshop to discuss your wishes and needs.

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