What makes a Republic Dutch bike so special?

Of Course you can buy a bike everywhere, but we focus on building your dream bike!

Only you know what you love the most, what suits you perfectly! Our goal is to translate this in your personal bike which we design together. Besides that we take care of a perfect match with your body measurements. Of course we work with the newest technologies that make every bike very comfortable and joyful to ride. You are special and so will be your bike!

How do I buy?

You can buy directly from the website (we ship worldwide) or you can visit our Store at Oudegracht 204 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. You can also contact our helpdesck at info@republicdutch.com or call us at +31 (0)30 888 75 30.

How do I order a custom bike?

The size of the frame is important for a good riding experience. Please see the frame chart under the details tab in our configurator and find your perfect frame size. For special and custom orders, contact us at +31 (0)30 888 75 30 or info@republicdutch.com. We’re happy to help you creating your perfect bike!

How do you get my measurements?

Just sent an email to info@republicdutch.com or call us at +31 (0)30 888 75 30 and we will arrange an appointment for you to get measured. Together with our bike fitting experts and our designers, we deliver you a quality bicycle for many years to come!

I want to try out a Republic Dutch bike!

You can a try a Republic Dutch at our Bicycle boutique at Oudegracht 204 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Please sent us an email to info@republicdutch.com or call us at +31 (0)30 888 75 30 and we will arrange a test ride for you. A cup of hot coffee or tea is waiting for you!

Shipping and production times

Our custom made bikes are not in stock. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks production time and one week for shipping. Shipping costs vary from region to region.

Where are the bikes manufactured?

Our frames and wheels are entirely manufactured here in Utrecht. All bikes are also hand assembled in Utrecht with maximum care and attention to every single detail! We only use parts from top brands such as Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo, Rock shok, Chris king, Super nova, GT, Schwalbe, Bosch, Rohloff, Fizik, Pinion, DT swiss, Jagwire and Sturmey Archer.

How does my bike gets his paint job?

We use a powder coating method. Each bicycle is coated in 4 layers which make your bike highly protected for many years to come.

How will my bicycle arrive?

All the bikes delivered in Holland are 100% assembled. All the other bikes shipped outside of Holland only need the rotation of the steering column and assembly of the pedals. We take care of all the rest!

What kind of warranty do you provide?

We provide a 15-year warranty on workmanship and will exchange/replace goods if they cannot be repaired.

Are the parts on my bike easy to find in other countries?

Yes! We use standard sizes on all of our bikes which makes it easy to find replacement parts at any good bike shop worldwide.

Does my new bike needs to be adjusted?

Yes! We recommend a general tune-up during the first 3 months. It’s natural that parts may become loose during the break-in period. These can be tightened and tuned at any good bike shop.

How do I maintain my bike?

Maintain your bike like any other mechanical product that is used frequently. Try to store it in a dry place when not being used and lubricate any moving parts if needed.

Where can I get my bike repaired?

For a tune-up you can always have your bike repaired by a local mechanic. Of course they are always welcome to contact us for any support!

Are your bikes protected agains theft?

All Republic Dutch city bikes are delivered with an ‘AXA Solid ART ++’. This lock is highly accepted by all bicycle insurance companies in Holland. For an upgrade we do offer variety of ‘ART+’ locks such as an ‘AXA defender’, ‘AXA Victory’ and others. On top of that each Republic Dutch bike is hand made in an very unique color, often with your initials on the bike. From the starting day in 2011 until now, we have manufactured more than 2500 bicycles. Only 7 have been reported stolen so far.