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Clean, simple, stylish and dependable: we pull out all the stops on the Maliebaan hybrid bicycle. Its a hub gear drivetrain. The first thing to catch your eye is the simple wide range of gears which is perfect for flat cruises but also makes quick work of fast hill sprints. This bike is als adjustable as an electric bike.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €999,00

hybride fiets voor dames - Shimano naaf


Many choices in sensible fenders, sturdy brakes and anti puncture tires showcase our attention to urban environments. Designed to turn heads, the Maliebaan is built to last like only a Republic Dutch bicycle can.

High quality

Lot’s of options available and sharp priced, this bike gives you the advantage of good design combined with a solid look and high-quality components.

Maliebaan | Maatwerk hybride tourfiets
Hybride fiets, weinig onderhoud

Electric bike

This bike is also adjustable as an electric bike. Still stylish and retro the Maliebaan offers high quality for a long durance.