Johann de Witt: De ultieme reisfiets

As Travel bicycle – Johan de Witt is our most versatile frame in the collection at the moment. Versatility is basically the most crucial factor for travel bicycle models, which makes Johann de Witt perfect for any of your travels. By choosing a derailleur system out of the Shimano family with a triple crank in front and a cassette of 10 blades in the back, this randonneur makes every circumstance manageable.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €1699,00

Urban bicycle | Custom made out of steel | Special color

Een reisfiets

With enough clearance in the front your tires can go up to 50-622 in size. A variety of luggage carriers are easily attached or a set of fenders if you prefer them. Its weight is only 12 kg.

Stalen frame

The steel frame is extremely stiff but steady and it’s weight around 12 kilograms allows your to travel the world. Johan de Witt is always mounted with disk brakes for ultimate power in every situation.

Steel frame to travel the world | Handmade in Holland
Communter bike with Shimano Alfine hub

Een woon-werkfiets

As commuter bike – the Johan de Witt frame can also be build as a strong and steady commuter bike to speed through the city. Low in maintenance by using internal hub gears combined with an eccentric bottom bracket. You can choose a Sram hub with 2 or 3 gears but also a Shimano Alfine hub with 8 or 11 gears to have a sporty bicycle that suits your needs in every way of use.