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The Icon Mark One
The Republic Dutch ICON is the best electric bike around the world. This is the the Rolls Royce of commuter bikes. What most electric bikes can’t do, the ICON can.

This is your dreambike starting from €4999,00

Design your own dream fixed bike


This city bike is an minimalistic, easy to handle and maneuver bike! You won’t believe us, but this bike is below  10 kilos!
No other light  bike offers the same transparency and aesthetic.

This bicycle can be yours, starting from €899,00

Classic and stylish lady bike in steel


If you’re searching for a classic lady bike, this is your bike! The Oudegracht is a retro bike fitted with an internal gear hub for low maintenance and quiet, smooth gear shifting. This lady bike is all about comfort, ease of use and reliability!

This bicycle can be yours starting from €999,00

Custom build | Sport Bike | Roadbike |

The Epic is the sports bike of its class! This bicycle has quickly become amodern classicfor urban commuters. Its design is timeless and modern technology is used. Our Epic comes with comfortable and stylish accessories and curated components to complete it. It’s chosen by Elsevier Holland for most beautiful bicycle in 2016.

This bicycle can be yours, starting from € 999,00

Dutch hybrid bicycle | design your own

Many choices in sensible fenders, sturdy brakes and anti puncture tires showcase our attention to urban environments. This Urban bike is designed to turn heads, the Maliebaan is built to last like only a Republic Dutch bicycle can.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €999,00

Domkwartier | City bicycle made in Holland


A city bike that meets the high standard of an experienced cyclist but developed from the original design. The original technique of welding with lugs is still used. The Domkwartier is ideal for any cyclist who is looking for quality, but wants to ride in style. We can design this model in both a women’s bike as a men’s bike.

This can be your dreambike starting from €999,00

Johan de Witt | Randonneur met schijfremmen

Johann de Witt

As Travel bicycle – Johan de Witt is our most versatile frame in our collection at the moment. With that fact in mind it is a perfect travel bicycleAs commuter bike – But the Johan de Witt frame can also be build as a strong and steady commuter bike to speed through the city.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €1349,00

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Karel V

Karel V is an aluminum frame and designed for being versatile and as an allround bike. Front of rear carriers are easy to mount. You can shift in 14 different gears. Lights are getting power from a dynamo hub in de front, from which you can even charge you phone.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €2499,00



The extraordinary Interceptor R Line, a road frame with the most innovative technologic know-how. Headset in 2 sizes integrated in the aerodynamic shape; the frame has been designed for the braking systems of the future, it is available in Disk Brake or Direct Mount. The only aluminium road bike which weighs 6.7 kg.

This can be your dreambike starting from €2499,00