Gorgeous sport bicycle


The Epic sport bicycle has quickly become a modern classic for urban commuters. Its design exists of modern technology and is timeless, so for the long run. It is possible to equip this frame for everyday riding exactly the way you wish. Choose single speed or fixed but also Shimano Alfine hubs in 8 of 11 speed are a perfect fit for this model.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €1299,00

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This sport bicycle will effortlessly glide through traffic and turns each journey into an adventure. Minimalistic, light, agile and with pinpoint handling.

Comfortable and Stylish

Our Epic comes with comfortable and stylish accessories and curated components to complete it. This will be simply the most practical, reliable, fast, aluminium commuter bike for you. Chosen by Elsevier Holland most beautiful bike in 2016

Epic sport bicycle with Shimano Alfine
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