We build your dream bike!

we manufacture your ideal handmade electric Republic Dutch bicycle! Choose your favorite frame color yourself. You can buy a bike anywhere, but we produce YOUR dream bike

This bicycle can be yours starting from €4699,00

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Quality matters


Powerful lightweight motor designed for optimal power transfer to deliver maximum distance and pleasure

  • Extremely low weight of 6.35lbs
  • Smooth, intelligent pedaling support that’s easy to operate
  • Narrowed pedal-to-frame width for a natural riding feel with increased comfort
  • Sleek, compact, integrated design that blends in with bike frame  
  • Incredibly durable for all weather conditions
  • Drive unit saves 20% energy (vs E6000) for increased range  
  • In Start Mode (Di2 only), bike automatically shifts down to a low gear as you stop, preparing you for an easy start


You can use fully automatic shifting by combining either our DU-E6001 or DU-E6010 SHIMANO STEPS drive unit with the Di2 internal gearhub. Based on cadence and speed, the SHIMANO STEPS system automatically tells the Di2 hub what gear to shift into. Expect a smoother riding experience because you won’t be breaking a sweat about whether you’re in the right gear or not. 

When you need to come to an abrupt halt, SHIMANO STEPS will automatically shift down to a lower gear as you stop at traffic lights, for example. And give you that extra surge when the lights go green again for an easy start.


Hand made in Utrecht Holland

Fast-charging, high capacity Li-Ion battery gets you there … and back!

  • Supported travel up to 105 miles on a single charge
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss 
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go
  • Bikes also come equipped with new, compact design 418Wh or 504Wh down-tube battery to widen your options 
  • Power-assist mode and capacity / travel distance (based on combined rider/bike weight of 220 lbs, traveling on flat roads in minimal wind at 14.3 mph/h using 7th gear (NEXUS Inter-8) with