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Buy quality buy once

This sportive city bike is a single speed just below the magical ten-kilo limit, with custom bike parts which are minimalist and have no frills. Choose between a flip – flop, single speed or duomatic hub and 28 inch wheels for comfort. The mitering, welding, and individuality of each tube is left visible, but protected, under a transparent powder coat. No other steel bicycle offers the same transparency and aesthetic. Option handlebars guiding 9,6 kilo bicycle, making this commuter quick and fun.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €4299,00


Quality matters

Riding a single-speed is cycling at its most stripped back. Doing without multiple gears, single-speed bikes require little maintenance, making them great for everyday use. buy quality buy once. 


For our electric bicycles we only use motors that have proven themselves in quality for years. You will therefore only find systems from Bosch, Pendix, Neodrives and Shimano Steps on our electric bicycles. Every Republic Dutch electric bicycle has at least a 500 Wh battery, but with most e-bikes you can also upgrade to a 625 Wh or 1000 Wh battery pack.

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Hand made in Utrecht Holland

Equally on flatter terrain low weight and robustness make Sixty2 ideal partners for commuting. With one less thing to think about is just fun to ride, while many riders are attracted by the minimalist aesthetics. With fewer parts you can get more bike, yet despite his simplicity Republic Dutch Sixty2 has a broad range catering to many different gear options.