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Claudia de Breij

Custommade Sixty2 By RepublicDutch® tribute to the LGBT flag and community.

Proudly standing next to his Johan the Witt Alfine DI2 Custom.
And her new bike Johanna the Witt. What a beauty!

Frank Lenselink

When I walked into the Utrecht boutique store of Republic Dutch some years ago, I knew “One Day” I will have a bespoke bike made by the passionate and perfectionistic Amin and
his team. It had to be something special in every aspect, the technology had to be focused and state of the art, it had to be durable, and last but not least it had to look “the works”.
What first strikes you when you enter the Oude Gracht boutique store is the unbelievable Passion of Amin and his interactive way of communication, ensuring that you get exactly the bike you’ve always dreamed off, and even ultimately a little bit more. 

My unsung Hero and inspirator is the F1 Legend, Brazilian Ayrton Senna and also a lifetime passion for British sports cars from Aston Martin. And this is what we did in the “Tribute to the legend” bike. The color is the custom Aston Martin F1 “Racing Green” as used in the pace car of the F1, Amin and his team had to recreate exactly that color and paint effects, adding the yellow accents which make it indeed a tribute.

Small details like the color painted crankshafts, special Republic Dutch designed bespoke 3D printed Carbon pedals and carbon “Mudguards”, and so on make this “My very Special” bike. The bike is designed for long distance speedy travelling, and that is what I am going to do with it!

It is nice to notice how many connoisseurs have stopped at the bike to look at all the details of this AM F1 SENNA E-Bike, thumbs up and awe is the common reaction!

Thanks Republic Dutch for this truly AMAZING piece of cycling art.


Republic Dutch handgemaakte fiets
Hippe fiets
Hand gemaakt in Utrecht
hand made bicycle
bosch ebike