Do you remember your first bike? Well, we do.

Republic Dutch originated in Utrecht, cycling capital of the world. Obviously, we all got our first bike when we were young. It was an amazing moment. We looked forward to our bike for weeks. When the wait was over, we looked at our bike for hours. Try to document every single detail of the bike. And then, the first ride. We never felt so free before. All our friends came out to admire the bike. It was a great moment in a carefree time.

We are here to let you relive that moment. To make you smile for weeks and leave you searching for excuses to cycle more. How do we aim to do that? It’s easy. We create your dream bike.

We are a bespoke bicycle boutique. All our bicycles are designed and handcrafted right here in The Netherlands. We build the bike you always wanted with high-quality components. With attention to every detail, customized and optimized for you and you only. Every frame is possible to adjust to electric and possible to personally design it yourself to make it 100% unique.

If you can dream it, we can design it. Together.


Limited Editions

These bikes are 100% unique and scarce available. We develop this type of bicycle once, so be quick! It’s an once in a lifetime opportunity.


All models can be adjusted to e-bike, so check out which frame you like and adjust it to electric in the configurator. You can 100% design these e-bikes just the way you love it.

RD 6

What we guarantee

All our parts are of high quality and come with a 15 year guarantee in normal use. See our conditions page for this guarantee.