Do you remember your first bike? Well, we do.

Republic Dutch originated in Utrecht, cycling capital of the world. Obviously, we all got our first bike when we were young. It was an amazing moment. We looked forward to our bike for weeks. When the wait was over, we looked at our bike for hours. Try to document every single detail of the bike. And then, the first ride. We never felt so free before. All our friends came out to admire the bike. It was a great moment in a carefree time.

We are here to let you relive that moment. To make you smile for weeks and leave you searching for excuses to cycle more. How do we aim to do that? It’s easy. We create your dream bike.

We are a bespoke bicycle boutique. All our bicycles are designed and handcrafted right here in The Netherlands. We build the bike you always wanted with high-quality components. With attention to every detail, customized and optimized for you and you only. Every frame is possible to adjust to electric and possible to personally design it yourself to make it 100% unique.

If you can dream it, we can design it. Together.

Republic Dutch® for better change

I know I cannot change the world all by myself. But I’ll be damn not giving it a good go before I give up. So this is part of my mission changing things for better for all of us. It’s not what Holland has done for me but what I can do to help out the community. No matter how small or insignificant. We all are connected so lets make the world a better place for all of us Cyclists 🙂 or not.

Amin Mayahi, 

Travel and test
inspire and discover

Thanks to my Dear Sponsors and every other person who believe in my mission, I can travel once a year to a remote country to test my bikes and products as well as to teach and help in a local project. Only this way we can share our wisdom and make a difference.  Teaching in 9 schools and universities in Cambodia was as much inspiring for me as i hope for the students. Rarely i’m surrounded by such a brilliant minds.


Re-public Tool station

Having a safe bicycle is our fundamental right. I humbly contribute this project to every cyclist out there, keeping in mind that our society function better if and when we all work together and improve the quality of life for each other and for us. This is how i see my RepublicDucth® bicycles. Quality or nothing. Im too old to waist my time on mass produces cheap bicycles

Many thanks ro my dear sponsors Schwalbe and Shimano 

Vintage Bicycle Restoration

At RepublicDutch® we also specialise in vintage bike restoration and offer every level of restoration to all bikes, in any condition.

We have a dedicated restoration workshop with specialist knowledge and a network of partnering companies who we work with to provide chroming and paint finishes.

Our restored bicycles are often use in movies and tv commercials as well as being enjoyed by private bicycle lovers.

We are based in Utrecht, Center of the Netherlands although we restore bikes globally and can provide an estimate from photos. We’ll arrange to have the bike collected and then returned at the end of the job.

General costs associated with a full restoration.

We would need to see the bike before giving an accurate estimate but these are the usual costs associated with a full restoration.


Full restoration exc chrome

This is to return the bike to shop floor (new) condition. This includes restoring/replacing all parts, paint, decals and reassembly. €1000 – €1500

Full restoration inc chrome

Same as above but with the inclusion of chromed parts. €1500 – €2000

Basic restoration

This makes the best of what the bike has without respraying the frame. We strip, clean, polish and service all parts. We strip, clean and polish the frame and correct imperfections in the paint work. Rebuild. €400 – €600

Respray or powder coating

We clean and shot blast a pre stripped frame or
chemical paint stripping. Colour match and paint finish to your requirements. srating from €199

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always happy to help.