Warrenty Terms

All Republic Dutch Bicycles frames and forks have 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects and construction flaws from the date of purchase. We also give 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects and construction flaws for all the non-consumable parts on our bicycles. By non-consumable parts we mean wheels, brake callipers, brake levers, handlebars, stems, crank sets, pedals, seat posts. Consumable parts like tires, tubes, brake pads, chains, paint, grips and bar tapes are not covered under warranty.

Any bicycles, separate parts or accessories that are not sold under Republic Dutch Bicycles brand, will not be covered by our warranty. Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs after extended use will not be covered under warranty, either will any scrapes, chips or bumps in the paint or parts caused by impacts. Also any cosmetic damage caused by normal use or by over exposure to direct sunlight will not be covered under warranty. Also, bicycles that are modified or otherwise changed from their original setup will not be covered by our warranty.

Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and proof of purchase might be asked to qualify for warranty. Our warranty is only for parts and components and does not cover any labor costs from assembling replaced parts. Our warranty covers only parts that have been broken or damaged and those parts will be seen as individual parts, meaning that we will not change the whole bike, if there is problem with handlebar. In this case we will ship you replacement parts only for those particular parts that have been broken. Our warranty does not cover any parts that are broken or damaged, by misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or normal wear & tear.

If you are issuing problems with your Republic Dutch bicycle or its parts and components that are under our warranty program, we ask you to contact us by email to info@republicdutch.com with some photo evidence on broken parts and give as detailed information about the problem. After we have evaluated reported damage, we will send replacing parts or components to you free of charge. To receive replacing parts or components, you may need to send us damaged part or component before we send you the new parts. In this case Republic Dutch Bicycles will cover shipping costs.