Repair & workshop services

Replace inner tube€ 19,95
Replacing the tire€ 29,95
Replace inner and outer tire€ 45,00
Tighten/check chain€ 20,00
Replace chain€ 29,95
Replace front wheel€ 80,00
Replace rear wheel€ 115,00
Replace saddle€ 25,00
Headlamp replacement€ 19,50
Rear lamp replacement€  19,50
Standard replaced€ 25,00
Replace pedals€ 29,00
Replace brake cable€ 29,50
Replace brake pads€ 29,00
Replace brake pads front and rear€ 55,50
Replace brake lever€ 34,50
Replacing the steering wheel€ 37,50
Crankshaft replacement-race and MTB€ 62,50
Remove stroke from wheel€ 37,50
Wheel spoke again€ 119,50
Assemble bicycle€ 149,50
Opening the lock€ 22,50
Custom paint jub€ 499,00 
Service PricePrices
City bike without gears€ 69,50
City bike with gears€ 79,50
ATB or racing bike€ 99,50
Hybrid or tracking bike€ 99,50
E-bike / Electric bike€ 99,00
Cargo bike€ 99,00
E-cargo bike€ 99,00
Damage assessment€ 69,00
Call-out costs – transport costs PricePrijs
0 t/m 10 km€ 9,50
10 t/m 15 km€ 14,50
More than 15 km (per km)€ 0,50

Quality matters

Riding a single-speed is cycling at its most stripped back. Doing without multiple gears, single-speed bikes require little maintenance, making them great for everyday use.


Our service and quality doesn’t stop with sales, also the technical part of bikes are very well known to us. We repair and service all brands and types of bikes. We have a quick repair service and we always try to have the bike ready on the same day. We keep your city or sporting bike safe and clean so you can ride it without worries. Come in our shop for the best advice. You don’t have to make an appointment for any repair or maintenaince and there is always a limited guarantee on all repairs that we do.


Hand made in Utrecht Holland

RepublicDutch® is the address for damage repair, industrial painting, blasting, powder coating, carbon repair, special painting, advertising and lettering. With more than 12 years of experience in damage repair and industrial painting, there is no question that we cannot meet. Our professionals perform all work in-house. With an eye for detail and a continuous pursuit of perfect results.