A question I am often asked; "is it worth having a Bike Fit?
Well let's see....

I’ve been in the cycle industry for 20 years, during that time I’ve set up the cycling positions for literally thousands of riders. So if I’ve been doing it for so long has what we now call ‘Bike Fit’ changed? Well yes and no, we haven’t invented a new cycling position and we haven’t evolved that much physically as humans in the that time. The four key contact points of ‘saddle height’ and ‘setback’ then the ‘reach’ and ‘drop’ to bars are as similar now as they were back then. What has changed is that in the past I did it all by eye, but to get it absolutely perfect we now have the tools to finish the job. What we now get is so much more data, but it’s what you do with that data that’s important, it needs to be interpreted correctly then any alterations implemented as a result must be appropriate. There really no substitute to being fitted by someone with experience; after all any tool is only as effective as the person using it.

Arguably the most effective of these new tools is a modern Bike fitting jig, allowing us to fine tune the four key contact points, so you then know what you need to replicate on your current, or new bike. Regarding the latter bike manufacturers normally list the relevant ‘fit’ data which can be replicated on the jig, so we are able to compare the bike fit of the various bikes you maybe considering; impressive as well being extremely useful, helping ,many with their choice of new bike. At Republic Dutch we actually have a purpose built ‘Bike Fitting’ suite where we can interview each rider covering cycle history, future goals and aspirations, any cycling limitations we need to make allowances for, a bad back or neck for example. We take accurate physical measurements including, height, inseam, shoulder width plus detailed measurements of each foot including arches. We then obtain an assessment of flexibility, range of motion and stability, all this before the we even start to take on the bike measurements.

The importance of bikefitting for cycling comfort and health

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A Bikefitting with Amin Mayahi

  • optimize your riding position
  • minimise the risk of injury
  • improve efficiency
  • improve your pedal stroke
  • help you understand more about how you ride your bike
  • make your cycling more enjoyable
  • help you find a bike that suits you best

We have developed our bike fitting protocol over the last 10 years working with Doctors, Professors, physios, custom frame builders, leading bike brands and all types of cyclists. We treat all our clients equally no matter what there ability.


What exactly is done during the Republic Dutc® Bike fitting including saddle analysis and cleat adjustment?

If you ride an average of between 2000 kilometers and a maximum of 6000 kilometers per year, this is a perfect bike fitting.

Duration: about 70 min
Foot measurement
Cleat adjustment
Saddle analysis
Static measurement (ideal cycling position based on body measurements)
Dynamic measurement
Ideal saddle back position
Discussion of the results


Bikefit with Saddle Pressure Mapping

The Utrecht most comprehensive and detailed bike fitting service for Road, MTB, Track, Cyclocross, E Bikes and touring,  travel bikes. Suitable for cyclists of all levels, every rider can benefit from our knowledge and experience. The gebioMized saddle pressure mapping is included in the Cyclefit to locate hotspots on the saddle and objectively assess adjustments to improve comfort, stability and the correct saddle; it will also objectively assess any pelvic asymmetry and the possible bio-mechanical causes.