E-bike revision


RepublicDutch® is a prestigious Dutch company that was founded in early 2011 following the vision of a hands-on craftsman who has been active in the bicycle sector since the late 1990s. From the beginning, RepublicDutch® tried to innovate by creating an independent specialized structure completely devoted to service on BOSCH eBike brand electric bicycle assistance systems.


BOSCH® e-bike motors
RepublicDutch® provides premium maintenance, troubleshooting and repair services for BOSCH® branded engines.
We have a large stock of engine parts, as well as the tools and know-how specific to this type of intervention.


Get the most out of your eBike

Update now! Keep your eBike and computer up to date at all times with regular software updates in order to enhance smart functions, update maps and improve features. Your local Bosch certified dealer will advise you about new software availability.Riding a single-speed is cycling at its most stripped back. Doing without multiple gears, single-speed bikes require little maintenance, making them great for everyday use.

Maintenance, repair BOSCH Engine

BOSCH Performance Gen 2 engine maintenance and repair, Performance CX Gen 2, Active Line Gen 2. RepublicDutch®, a workshop specializing in bicycle engine overhaul, offers you the complete maintenance and repair service for second generation:

  • BOSCH® engines:
  • BOSCH® active
  • BOSCH® performance
  • BOSCH® Performance Line CX
  • BOSCH® Performance Speed

The ultimate and exclusive RepublicDutch® solution

The ultimate and exclusive RepublicDutch® solution, especially for second and the new generation BOSCH engines. Through this service, we improve pedaling smoothness, reduce operating noise, improve engine reliability and performance.

We replace all bearings and the 2 freewheels with premium quality brands (ENDURO, SKF, INA, C&U). The two white POM plastic gears (+ the small one in steel) are also systematically replaced by new ones.
We are also working on the three steel gears useful for torque capture and internal reduction, which have been optimized to make the engine smoother and quieter.
Finally, we replace all O-rings, the screws and the lock washers of the motor.