ICON Electric Bike - Experience the finest handmade crafted E-bike

All our models can be adjusted to electric, but the ICON is the ultimate electric bike from Republic Dutch. Some current users call it the Rolls Royce of commuter bikes. It’s incredibly fast and can hit speeds up to 28 kph. Also extremely comfortable, soaking up bumps in the road while still staying on course. What most electric bikes can’t do, the ICON can.

This bicycle can be yours starting from €4999.00


Discover the ICON experience

We chose the BOSCH performance line to drive the ICON beast forcefully forward. The 500 watt powerpack battery suplies enough power to have a strong radius up to 180 kilometers. With only the best high-quality parts used, the combined quality parts give you the full ICON experience. An experience you won’t forget or can get elsewhere according to our users!

Effortless experience

In combination with internal hub gear from Shimano Alfine 8 or 11 speed to add comfort to your ride. The stretched seat position underlines the sporting origin. The ICON with a drive train perfect for good speed and excellent comfort for work-to-home usage especially in city’s or between towns.

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More specs

A Shimano hydraulic disk brake system at front and read wheel provides you with the power to stop in every situation. The integrated navigation system is a nice touch and luxury on this amazing bicycle of the future. The ICON electric bike is an alternative for all those who are not familiar with a conventional urban bike.

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